What is the Flight Deck Advanced program?

The Flight Deck Advanced program include;

The Flight Deck Advanced  program is an online service designed to optimise an individuals language learning and to provide comprehensive feedback on their language performance.

Once students start a Beat Australia Aviation English program they are provided with a dedicated online log-in and password account which gives them access to the Flight Deck Advanced and Basic programs.

Student can then move through the Flight Deck Advanced program at their own pace and in conjunction with their individual working environment.

Learners who successfully complete this course will be able to:

What is Flight Deck - Advanced?

✓ Will see demonstrated, measurable language development in the receptive and productive macro skills of listening and speaking which are essential to an ICAO approved level 4 test.

✓ Will see improvent in fluency and comprehension with topics relevant to the various stages of flight and general radiotelephony situations.

✓ Participate in a test preparation course for an ICAO approved language proficiency test.

✓ Demonstrate strategies related to self management of their own learning.

The Flight Deck Advanced program has been designed for international pilots, air traffic controllers and ramp controllers who need to gain an operational level 4 in an ICAO approved language proficiency test.

Or, it can be used to consilidate their level 4 ability and push their language skills to another, higher level. 

As English is the lingua franca of aviation, there is a pressing need for the English language skills used in routine and non-routine radiotelephony to be at a safe, international standard.

In non-routine or emergency situations where standard radio phraseology does not suffice, the ability to communicate competently in a common language is paramount to safety.

Flight Deck Advanced

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